Hands On Gainesville

Scientists inspiring a new generation of problem-solvers.

Hands On Gainesville, Inc.


representatives of  college  STEM groups to apply for a seat on our

Junior Advisory Board  

Special consideration is given to those student groups who have partnered with us in the past but all groups are welcome to apply.   By joining us in teaching through hand-on activities, guided observation, and problem-solving tasks we can make a difference in revealing the science at work in our community.  As scientists seeking to create a new generation of problem-solvers one community at a time, we consider student organizations to be an important part of our mission and your insights instrumental to furthering our goals. 

This Junior Advisory Board seeks your input on how we can best work with you to serve our community.

Ideally a junior board member would be an officer of a STEM organization interested in community outreach or education but all interested members are welcome to apply.  

Junior Advisory Board members should agree to:

  • attend a meeting  once a month (no more than 1 hour in length),
  • offer advice and opinions on the best way for Hands On Gainesville to serve our community and engage college groups
  • report back to your organization about the opportunities there may be to engage with Hands On Gainesville, Inc.*

*This position does not commit your organization to any events or activities but we hope that it will foster a beneficial cooperation between our organizations.  

Benefits to you and your organization:

  • We connect you to K-12 student groups and community events where you can promote the field of science or engineering that your society represents.  
  • We lend our expertise to your organization in helping you to develop, teach, and obtain supplies needed for educational hands-on activities tailored to teach the skills and concepts important to your organization, while promoting our mission of connecting the science concepts to sites around town.  
  • By serving alongside other college student organizations your organization will have the opportunity to learn from other groups and participate in interdisciplinary activities to enhance all of our organizations’ contributions to the community.