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Immersing Students in Science & Technology of Our Community

HOG-Mentored Exhibits

Are you a teacher or leader of a student group that wants to get kids involved in science?

Are you a local business that would like to showcase the science or technology of your business?

Hands On Gainesville will help you build a community team where students and business work together to create an interactive science exhibit. Let the students learn what the business is all about and find the science involved. The exhibit becomes a ‘Point of Interest’ on our Sci-Map showcasing your science or technology to the community.

Read about ‘City Lights’ below, our first interactive exhibit designed and built by students, funded by local businesses, and on display in a community building for all children to explore.


A flipbook (below) about the exhibit creation!

City Lights

'City Lights' was a cooperative effort between Eastside High School SECME students, Gainesville Regional Utilities, the Tech Toy Box, and Hands On Gainesville.  The students designed and built an interactive exhibit for children that demonstrates how electricity is generated and distributed to the Gainesville community.   'City Lights' debuted at the Cotton to the Cade event in Depot Park on February 25, 2017.  In 2018 the 'City Lights' exhibit was housed at the Alachua County Library headquarters, downtown Gainesville, where children enjoyed it for over 10 months.  The exhibit was on display at the Cade Museum March  9 - April  14,  2019 as part of the museum's 'On & Off the Grid' themed exhibits.  From April - June 2019  'City Lights' was  on display at the Millhopper Public Library in Gainesville, FL.  'City Lights' is presently looking for a permanent exhibit space.


Work Session Photos of  'City Lights' creation.