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How do I design a Sci-Map activity?

Think about organisms, earth forms, living and non-living interactions, special geological features, or technological aspects that can be explored at any site on our Sci-Map.   Decide what science or mathematic concept(s)  that you would like to share with others who visit that site.


Design a hands-on activity that can best explore that science or mathematics concept:

BEFORE visiting that site,

DURING the site visit, or

AFTER visiting the site.

See “What Makes a Good Sci-Map Activity?” (below) to guide your design.


Avoid  any activity that requires

  • Removal of anything from the site
  • Leaving things at the site.
  • Disturbing the site from how you found it.



Test the activity.  Ask a friend to follow the procedure  you have written to see if they understand how to do the activity.  You may want  to include diagrams or photos to make it easier to follow.

What Makes A Good Sci-Map Activity?

A good Sci-Map activity encourages the participant to:

  • explore a known scientific process by actively modeling that process (e.g., EDIBLE SINK HOLE ACTIVITY on the Devil's Millopper Site)
  • investigate a site for the purpose of cataloging, classifying, identifying, or observing natural or man-made phenomena at that site,
  • practice a science skill (such as observation, inference, measurement, classification, identification, etc.) to make participant better at seeing the world in a more scientific manner,
  • or participate in a citizen science or other investigatory process to use their science skills to benefit the scientific community.

A good Sci-Map activity  fully engages the participant in:

  • a problem-solving process or,
  • guides a novice through a site so that they see the science more clearly.

A good Sci-Map activity uses:

  • safe, readily available and/or
  • inexpensive materials, tools and instruments and
  • may include printable templates or visual aids to make the activity easy to do and understand.

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