Hands On Gainesville

Immersing Students in Science & Technology of Our Community

Community Outreach

Hands On Gainesville currently has two community outreach programs that engage students in science and technology; Tuesdays at the Cone Library and the Kid Power Bike.

Tuesdays at the Cone Library

Hands On Gainesville volunteers from Eastside High School explore science with K-5 students at the Cone Park Library.  On the first Tuesday of each month our volunteers bring engaging activities to the after school science program coordinated by The Cultural Arts Coalition as part of their After School Sciences Program.  In past programs, children have separated mixtures with sieves, chromatography and magnets, made flashlights and solar fans, and built solar system models featuring an LED sun.  Contact Hands On Gainesville to learn about our next Cone event.

The Kid Power Bike

Our traveling exhibit, the Kid Power Bike, generates electricity as children pedal a bike mounted on a stationary stand. An electric generator, driven by the back wheel, powers light bulbs, a fan, and a floating ball in a tube.  Children learn about energy conversions, energy conservation, and electricity generation. Some of the events in which the Kid Power bike has been invited are "She's a Scientist and Inventor" at the Cade Museum, Innovation Park dedication at UF's Innovation Square, Life South's Operation Santa Delivery, UF HealthStreet's Night of Dance, March for Science, science nights at local schools, and special classroom appearances to supplement the energy curriculum.